Lokon develops cutting edge cancer immunotherapeutics



Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is the next generation of cancer therapeutics aiming to activate the body's own defense - the immune system - to seek and destroy cancer cells.

The immune system can recognize and fight cancer but cancer cells are shielded by the release of immunosuppressive substances and stroma, which reduce the normal immune attacks. Immunotherapy strengthens the immune system to regain capacity to destroy cancer cells. 

The strategy of Lokon is to modulate the tumor microenvironment and simultaneously activate the immune system to attack the tumor. We aim to shift the suppressive environment to a Th1 (immunity) promoting milieu by targeting the CD40 pathway which affect stoma, tumor cells and the immune system. By gene therapy, immunostimulatory genes including our TMZ-CD40L, are inserted into the tumor area which cause a powerful inflammation leading to tumor cell destruction and activation of M1 macrophages, cytotoxic killer cells (CTLs) and NK cells. 

Lokon's Technology

Lokon Pharma develops unique immunostimulatory gene therapies based on our TMZ-CD40L platform. Eriksson et al Gene Ther 2017.

Our first product into clinical trial is a double-armed oncolytic adenovirus (LOAd703) that is tested in patients with pancreatic cancer (NCT02705196). 

LOAd703 is an adenovirus serotype 5/35 armed with TMZ-CD40L and 4-1BBL. TMZ-CD40L and 4-1BBL are two potent stimulators of anti-tumor immunity by their capacity to activate dendritic cells and M1 macrophages to produce IL12, TNFa, IFNg and IL21, as well as to expand both memory T cells and NK cells. Further, TMZ-CD40L activates tumor stroma to participate in recruiting and activating anti-tumor immunity. Eriksson et al Clin Cancer Res 2017.

A predecessor virus, AdCD40L, has been used clinically with promising results at Uppsala university. Loskog et al Br J Cancer 2016, Malmsström et al Clin Cancer Res 2010.


Meet us in September in Mainz! CIMT/AACR/CRI

LOAd713 virus combining TMZ-CD40L with a scFv aIL6R ab is presented at ASGCT in Washington.

Lokon presents our virus therapeutics at AACR in Washinton.

LOAd703 is presented at the Oncolytic Virotherapy Europe in London.


Our clinical trial has now treated the first patient!

Meet us at the Phacilitate Immunotherapy World in Miami next week! Lokon is presenting on Thursday. Lokon's virus will also be presented by Dr Musher at the Leo and Anne Albert Pancreatic Cancer Trials Symposium in San Francisco January 18.

Lokon presenting at Oncolytic Virus Summit in San Diego.


Meet us at the SITC meeting in National Harbor!


Jessica Wenthe received a travel award presenting the effect of LOAd703 on the tumor microenvironment at ASGCT in Washington DC.


Meet us at AACR April 15-20, in New Orleans!


Lokon presenting at the ESGCT conference in Helsinki.


EMA has granted Lokon an orphan designation status for LOAd703 immunotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.


The poster describing LOAd703 data presented by Ioanna Milenova was awarded first prize at the CIMT meeting in Mainz.


FDA has granted Lokon an orphan designation status for LOAd703 immunotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.


Lokon presenting at the AACR conference in Philadelphia.

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