Development Phase of Pipeline Products

Lokon focuses on the clinical development of LOAd703 across different indications. We have a range of novel viruses within the LOAd family that are currently evaluated for mechanisms-o- action (MOA) and proof-of-concept (POC). Our viruses have a selection of immunostimulatory and/or stroma modifying genes to promote anti-tumor activity at the tumor site and stimulate systemic immunity to target all tumor lesions.

Clinical trials

Phase I/II Trials evaluating safety and efficacy of LOAd703 is currently ongoing (NCT02705196, NCT03225989) in Houston, TX and in Uppsala, Sweden. The trial in Houston enroll patients with pancreatic cancer while the Uppsala study enrolls patients with pancreatic-, biliary-, colorectal-, and ovarian cancer. See for information about the studies and sites.

Photo: David Magnusson


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